Twin Size (Single)


Twins are good mattresses for toddlers, children’s rooms, trundle units, bunk beds, daybeds, hideaways, RV campers, etc.

Twin Extra Long (TwinXL)


TwinXL’s are good for the same reasons as a normal twin, but having the extra 5″ makes the TwinXL much more comfortable for an adult to sleep in as well. Making this size perfect in dorm rooms. The biggest downfall for this odd size is the bedding. Bedding for TwinXL can be a bit harder to find unfortunately, it’s obviously not impossible, but you’ll need to do a bit more “digging” to get the proper bedding.

Full Size (Double)


Fulls are great mattresses for those facing space restrictions. They’re great for spare bedrooms, college students, and young adults. Bedding is also more affordable than Queen or King bedding. Sleeping 2 adults can be a bit of a struggle however. With the length only being 75″ and each adult really only having 27″ to spread out, this size is not ideal for sleeping 2 adults.

Queen Size


Queen beds are the most popular size in the U.S., offering a wider and longer space than a full, which can make a world of difference for an adult. However, it is still not large enough to comfortably sleep a couple, as each adult will have nearly a foot less space than sleeping in a twin size bed alone. The size and ease of this bed allows it to be an excellent choice for guest bedrooms and smaller master rooms, and you can use either standard pillows or queen pillows.

King Size (Eastern King)


While still gaining popularity, the king size bed offers nearly a foot and a half more width than your queen size, giving a couple the amount of space as if they each slept in an extra-long twin bed alone. Our Eastern Kings come with one mattress and two twin-size box springs so that the bed is easier to move and manage. We have found that the size of this mattress is its biggest asset, but also its biggest con.

California King Size (Western King)


Just a foot wider than your Queen, but 4″ longer, we recommend the Western King for taller couples who need that added length for comfort. Like the king, this size comes with one mattress and two box springs so that it is easier to move and manage.